Joan Miró Exhibition in Munich, Germany

24th July - 8th Sept. 2019 at Kuenstlerhaus Munich

About the exhibition

At the beginning of his artistic work Joan Miró was inspired by the manycurrents of his time. In cosmopolitan Paris, which became one of the most important stages of his life, the young painter met Dadaist poets and surrealist artist colleagues. For many of his contemporaries, poetry and visual art were inseparably linked. The literary debates that inspired the artist meetings confirmed Miró in his serious and uncompromising search to break with the conventions of painting and poetry and to give poetry a visual expression.

"The poets Masson introduced me to were more interested in me than the painters I met in Paris", he noted, and consequently described his work not as painting but as "peinture-poemes". He radically reduced his visual and formal language and explored the broad spectrum of artistic possibilities such as drawing, lithography and etching. In particular, Joan Miró recognized the various print making techniques as a tried and tested means of making his art experienceable and affordable for the masses.

In the late 1940s he began to work in the printing workshop of Fernand Mourlot in Paris, which was also used by Pablo Picasso, George Braque and Henri Matisse. The resulting works – mostly from the mid-1950s until the artist's death – earned him special recognition. Lithography gained a great importance in the artist's work and became his preferred technique. In lithography Miró found an art form that for him combined spontaneity, intuition and expressiveness. Miró worked on the stone slabswith brushes and brushes and even with his bare fingers. He was inspired by the atmosphere of the print shop and the smell of the printer's inks and played with surprising and unpredictable effects.

Most of the works shown in the Künstlerhaus in Munich originate from this second half of his life. The poetry of his friends Paul Éluard, Tristan Tzara, René Char, André Frénaud, Michel Leiris and Raymond Queneau is as much reflected here as poetry written by Miró himself.

The exhibition "Charm and Poetry of Colours" presents 90 signed single sheets from the lithography series Mirós, mainly illustrations to poems, as well as 15 historical posters.

About the Kuenstlerhaus Munich

The stylish Kuenstlerhaus Munich, built 1900, is a real piece of the city history of Munich and until today the meeting place for cultural fans in Munich!

Supported by the Kuenstlerhaus Munich Foundation, a multifaceted cultural programme with jazz, classical concerts, cabaret, readings, exhibitions and a selected programme for children and teenagers is offered throughout the year. Unique is the lithography workshop STEINDRUCK MÜNCHEN that is in use until today as well as the gallery made by and for children "little ART".

The Kuenstlerhaus Foundation

The building at Lenbachplatz is owned by the Münchner Künstlerhaus Foundation. Therefore, the foundation has both historic preservation and cultural tasks on its agenda. On the one hand the foundation is engaged in arts of all genres, giving artists access to a wide audience and on the other hand with the preservation and maintenance of the historic building. Without the regular receipt of public funds, we rely on the donation of private donors and sponsorship.

Since 2006, Maja Grassinger is President of the Kuenstlerhaus Munich and Chairman of the Foundation Board.

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